Festival IZIS

An annual event and exhibition, presenting international forward-thinking new media artists and audio/visual acts.

IZIS was created by artists, cultural producers, curators and poets from the Slovenian coast in 2013. Through the years, the festival events were held in cinemas, galleries, public spaces and industrial buildings. In its goal of integrating intermedia art in programs of local venues, the festival has successfully navigated between reluctance and rebellion, institutionalization and guerrilla.

In the next four years, IZIS will occupy the Monfort exhibition venue located in the former salt warehouses in Portorose.

Festival IZIS explores the impact of technology on culture, society and nature through the lens of cutting-edge artistic works. It gathers artists, thinkers and an adventurous crowd who experience new narratives that give insight to complex topics such as audio/visual techniques, robotics, hybrid materials, kinetic sculptures, immersive installations, mind-bending experiences and questions how technology will influence the future. 

Last year’s seventh edition has attracted more than 2.500 visitors from Slovenia and abroad.



Dear all. The coronavirus situation has also affected this year’s IZIS #8. Thus, we are postponing it to better times. We want the festival to take place in a relaxed and above all a healthy atmosphere. However, there’s no reason to worry, we will notify you about the new date on time.
Despite the quarantine, we are preparing interesting content, which will be available shortly, so stay tuned.
We are sending you our greetings, convinced that this year’s program will be even greater and bolder. In the meanwhile, take a look at our video IZIS UND3R QUARANTINE (click).


This year’ Festival IZIS #8 topic is 2200 UNDE3R. The annual festival has been sadly postponed, due to coronavirus. To see the first announcement video, click here.


A smaller form of the festival – IZICA, has returned to Izola, hunting down the remains of the Invasion, on December 28th 2019. In just one evening, a combination of three performances gathered visitors, old and new friends of the festival, into an almost nostalgic night.

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Festival IZIS is a part of the project RUK (2019-2023), which is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European European Regional Development Fund. 


Curator Marko Vivoda

Producer Borut Jerman

Public Relations Darja Oražem