The objective of the workshop is to provide participants with solid, versatile and at the same time simple tools that facilitate their approach to the extraordinary field of sound processing with digital media. 

We will address the implementation of these techniques in Max, an optimal graphical programming platform for sound exploration. We will learn about buffer modulation, granulation, blocks technique, segmentation and audio scrubbing, combining these different forms of sound manipulation to obtain more complex results. 

Workload: 6 hours, divided into 2 meetings of 3 hours each. 

Aimed at: people interested in music, sound design, sound experimentation, audiovisual production, creative coding and in the intersection between sound and digital technologies in general. 


Oscar Recarte explores new forms of musical expression, investigating the perception of sound as such and listening as action. For this he works with field and studio recordings, as well as with computational means, designing and implementing his own software tools for the generation, processing and organization of sound. 

How to apply

Please apply by writing an email to info@festival-izis.org. Applications will be open until Monday, 26th of September 2022, until the beginning of the workshop.