future factory

Lara Žagar

Lara Žagar’s research is based on contemplating the end of the world, both in the physical and abstract sense. The allure of the recurring generic mechanism is that gas plants are made up of shafts, pipes, and underground infrastructure. Substances invisible to man. At these leakage points, this mechanism constructs an infrastructure that is inevitably extra-terrestrial. Concrete, steel, foreign, twisted, harsh. To the viewer, dystopian objects generate alien configurations that convert into new energy. The factories of the future are no longer bathed in smoke, but instead glow with light. I created a larger object out of transparent tubes that evokes a futuristic industrial ambience: the project focuses on the dystopian factory of the future, where light, a metaphor for new, clean energy, is the key raw material. It’s not completely clear to the observer what flows through the pipes and how, and from a place like this (the factory), we can only expect a vague prediction of the future.


Narration: Lara Žagar

Music: Jera Topolovec

Sound: Jera Topolovec

Sound mastering: Jera Topolovec

Lead engineer: Marko Vivoda

Consultancy: Marko Vivoda, janez Grošelj 

Many thanks to: Marko Vivoda, Janez Grošelj 

Production: Svetlobna Gverila, Forum Ljubljana, 2022

About the artist

Lara Žagar (1993) graduated from the Department of Textiles and Fashion Design (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) and is currently working as an independent fashion designer. she presented her work on platforms such as the Centre for Creativity, Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Mercedes-Benz Fashion Award and Ljubljana Fashion Week. She, for several years now, has been creating light installations for the Svetlobna gverila festival (2015, 2016, 2017, 2021,2022) both as a part of a group as well as an individual. She is currently completing her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Department of Video and new media, with the aim of developing photography, video and installation as independent artistic practice. In analog and digital technique, she explores relations of objects and the contemporary materially saturated world, through the process of documentation and sculptural installations, as well as manipulations in computer programs.