DIY 3D sound dome 

Blaž Pavlica

This is an experiment developed by Blaž Pavlica at PifCamp to see how well a 3D sound

dome with 14 cheap speakers can perform. The dome was previously built for 3D imaging by

PifLab and PifCamp participants and is now enjoying a new life for 3D sound. The experiments show that a satisfactory 3D sound image can be created even with cheap speakers.


The Ambisonic Dome is part of the B-Air Project of the ARS RTV SLO Program and partners, which is co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the Creative Europe program.


Ljudmila Society 2020 – 2022

PiNA, 2022


Blaž Pavlica is an audio-visual artist, programmer, and DJ from Ljubljana, currently living and working in the Netherlands. He is interested in generative music and visuals, live coding and 3D sound. He co-hosts a radio show about club and experimental music and organizes a series of club events called Cosmic Sex in Ljubljana. In the last year, he has focused on live coding improvised spatial audio performances.