And Saturn

Gašper Torkar

The ambisonic sound installation work ‘And Saturn’ by Gašper Torkar is a poetic journey into a dream of humanity’s future in times of its uncertainty. The work was conceived as part of the artist residency in Kubed in June 2022.

Four-channel concert ‘Helium Rain’ by Gašper Torkar is a live PA continuation of the journey started within his installation work ‘And Saturn’. The contemplative space gives way to the reality of the exposure to elements under pressure.


Author: Gašper Torkar

Technical Consultancy: Mauricio Valdes

Production: PiNA, 2022


Gašper Torkar is a multifaceted artist working primarily with sound and language within different contexts. Beside exploring club music, he makes music for theatre, art and video installations and performances, all of which influences his own creative output.