A tube is an object that requires our attention; its shape defines the space in which it is placed, and its hidden content is the modulation of time. In most cases, its purpose is tailored to social needs and capital. The quantities of substances that flow through it can be determined by its shape. Its content is frequently perceived as abstract and vague. The pipes run across the earth’s surface, carrying various contents such as water, various energy products, traffic, information, atomic particles and bad and good air. They can be one-way, two-way, twisted and straight, indifferent to the content, or intended to change the properties of the content. In a way, pipes are devices that allow for the controlled transmission of content between two points. Although perhaps unconsciously, the global pipe system serves as a mental model of modern society, from which we can deduce its social, economical and political characteristics.

Project α is a distiller of information, images, sound, environmental properties imbued with a social imprint, and future predictions, all in order to synthesise something that will bring hope and life as a universal good. It’s a kind of loop that returns to the beginning, when everything is possible and meaningful, but also simple and necessary. It is the derivation of a complex mathematical function over which we have little control and are unsure whether it is intended for us and for understanding our role. 


Sound: BridA

Sound mastering: BridA

Lead engineer: BridA

Consultancy: Marko Vivoda

Many thanks to: PiNA, Festival IZIS, RUK 

Production: RUK/PiNA, 2022


BridA/Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica is a collective made up of graduates from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, formed in 1996 during their university years. The group produces artwork across a wide spectrum of contemporary artistic practices, exhibits both locally and internationally, and has participated in numerous international residency programs, workshops and seminars. BridA’s works have been purchased for a score of international contemporary art collections. In 2015 they received the highest award of the Municipality of Nova Gorica, the France Bevk Prize, commemorating 20 years of their successful activity; in 2018 they received the international Tesla Award. They are recipients of the Iaspis scholarship awarded by the Swedish Ministry of Culture, and Culture Bridges, awarded by the British Council under the EU.

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